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Distinctive Student Care for

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Founded in 2013 to offer a boutique-style student care service to provide quality and personalized care in a small group setting. We pride ourselves as care coaches who strike a good balance in ensuring the academic demands are met yet without compromising the socioemotional needs. Dewdroppers are happy achievers!


We offer care and supervision to primary students aged seven years old (P1) to eleven years old (P6). At DewDrops, we create an optimal learning environment your child’s holistic education in different aspects – physical, intellectual, emotional and social, as well as providing them with a place to relax after class hours.

We provide supervision of your child’s homework, organized games, enriching activities, and recreational activities. During school vacations we organize excursions and camps for them. The following are features the services we provide:

  • Homework Supervision
  • Spelling & Test Preparation
  • Assessment Coaching with free supplement of other-school exam papers
  • Recreational & Sports Activities
  • Home-Cooked Lunch and Tea
After School care for primary students singapore
after school student care singapore

WHY Choose US?

 We have a small teacher-student ratio of 1:10. With a dedicated team of teachers who possess at least an A-Level or a Diploma Certification to supervise your child, couple that with a clean, hygienic, and cozy environment; air-conditioned environment and warm showers as well as a wealth of resources like books, thinking games, craft materials etc. to keep our children engaged in and at the same time develop their minds, you can be absolutely certain that your child is in our good hands.

How We Differentiate?

before and after school student care singapore how we differentiate
After School Care for Primary School Student structured programs

Structured Programs

We incorporate programs that are structured to be sustainable and purposeful e.g. Nature program, Let’s cook program on nutrition and Art program to promote a well-rounded experience for every Dew Dropper.

After School Care for Primary School Student rich resources available

Ample Resources Available

  • Cable TV for documentaries
  • Subscription of the latest learning periodicals for learning extension, worksheets to accompany reading materials
  • Quality art material (eg korean clay)
  • Quality board games to promote interaction (EQ), strategy play (IQ)  and even helps building character (eg resilience, teamwork)
After School Care for Primary School Student outdoor meaningful play

Outdoor/Meaningful Play

We organize team sports to promote values and character through outdoor games.

After School Care for Primary School Student dedicated staffs

Dedicated Staffs

All our staff are experienced with their syllabus.

After School Care for Primary School Student loads of activities

Loads of Activities

We host a variety of activities to engage all kinds of interests so your child is never feeling bored at Dew Drops.

After School Care for Primary School Student well balanced curriculum

Well Balanced Curriculum

We carefully designed our curriculum to address the 5 domains of a child’s development.

After School Care for Primary School Student great facilities

Great Facilities

There are warm showers, boys and girls toilets, well-stocked library and pantry that is sufficient for your child to help themselves.

After School Care for Primary School Student with informed parents

Always Keeping Parents Updated

We communicate with parents via email, Facebook, blog, daily log and pupil portfolio, so they stay updated on their child’s personal and academic developments.

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Our team is ready to answer any questions and to support you in the best way possible. The main goal of our student care center is to develop your child holistically while taking great care of them. We aspire to be their friends as well as teachers. You may register your interest or if you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us by filling the form below:

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