June 2023 Holiday Program
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Holiday Program for Primary School

We are coming to the mid of the year break  soon. We have done well in handling on the fighting and adapting against the Covid 19 pandemic, and we have also learnt how to be self conscious in handling the situation. We have seen Dewdrops SCC and school curriculum adapt to ensure the children’s safety and well-being constantly. A big thanks to all the parents for being understanding and cooperative through these times.

 We believe that all our dewdroppers have grown in their own ways, both mentally and academically. We continue to advocate to all dewdroppers that there is a season for everything. We have observed that in the last couple of months, school academic curriculum has moved  faster over last year the same time. There are more supplementary classes and CCA conducted. Conversely, that also brought about observation that some of our dewdroppers are trying to catch up and needing to learn on time management.

 Hence, we are looking the June holidays will be a time to help balance academic, recreation and revitalisation. This year, we understood that some of our parents are bringing their child/children out for overseas holiday break and that coupled with the fact that a substantial increase of cost from all vendors that we planned to do activities with, we have decided to do our in-house program instead and hence, some twits in the fee structure shared below.

 The first half of the day would be focused on doing past year papers and home assessment to keep their engines warm academically. They will then spend the 2nd half of the day having fun and doing meaningful activities, except for outing days that depend on the weather condition. New activities are planned for each day, allowing children to look forward to something new every day. Many dewdroppers have commented about fast the holidays fly past as they were having so much fun and learnings. We hope that you will spend some quality time with your children during our centre closure in the 2nd week of June (12th to 16th June) as we ensure that our centre is thoroughly cleaned for your child’s safety and well-being too.

We Welcome Public Enrolments

Our June Holiday Program for Primary School 2023 is open for public enrolments for $290 (Usual $330).

June 2023 Holiday Program  Highlights(5 Jun – 9 Jun)

Dewdrops school holiday day programs mac and chees making

Time fly, kite fly (Craft)

Up up in the Sky!

Kite architecture and design. The power of colors.

Dewdrops school holiday day programs clay dish design

Marina Barrage (Outing)

Understanding one of the 1st few sustainability initiatives in SGP.

Dewdrops school holiday day programs fruit fondue workshop

Juke Project Box (Science)

Can we turn back the clock? How has science transformed us in life?

Dewdrops school holiday day programs Library Visit Workshop

Asian Civilisation (Outing)

Understanding of Asian history through the evolution of time!

Dewdrops school holiday day programs Library Visit Workshop

Sneaker Bar (Cooking)

The food bar making, especially for short trip travelling readiness.


Are ingredients/materials billed separately?

Our fees has all materials/ingredients covrered.

Can my child sign up even if he/she is not a dewdropper?

Yes, our holiday program are open to parents who are keen in giving their child a fun and enriching school holiday by signing up our holiday programmes december 2002.

If i'm keen to sign up more than one child, is it possible?

Yes certainly. If there are available slots, we welcome all your children to participate in our holiday program for primary school students.

Where are your programs held at?
For the In-house Programme, all activities are conducted in the centre by our staff and vendor specializing in the area.
What time does the program start and what time does it end?

Our holiday program activities start from 8a.m and end at 7pm daily.

Can i sign up for one particular program instead of the whole week for my child?

Our program is available as a whole week package.

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