We are almost coming to the end of the year, our fellow dewdroppers have grown and done well academically. We continue to advocate that there is always a season for everything. During the December holidays, we have set aside time for recreation and revitalisation. There is always something new planned your child each day and there was never a dull moment for them. Many dewdropppers have marvelled at how fast the holidays went when having fun and this year is no exception; this December, we have specially curated a series of fun-filled learning experiences for your child through our school holiday enrichment programme.

We are exposing your child with a balanced mix of school holiday activities such as Nature Visit, Self Cultivation, Science, Culinary, IT and Art crafts workshops that not only get their creative little hands busy but also awe them with our natural wonders. We have Botanic Gardens visit, Dessert Making Workshop, Glass Mosiac Painting, Lego Construction projects, Coding workshops and more.

We are opening our school holiday enrichment programme to primary school students aged between 7-12 years old at an affordable fee of SGD $300/week. Our seats are limited thus sign up now.


Week 1 (2 Dec – 6 Dec)

  • Tinker Projects
  • Singapore Botanic Garden Visit
  • Mindful Movements
  • Mac & Cheese in a cup
  • Glass Pebbles Painting

Week 2 (9 Dec – 13 Dec)

  • Dessert Making Workshop
  • Construct a Cartoon Character
  • Lego Construction Project
  • Make your Own Glass Mosaic
  • Construct through Coding